Easy Traffic Generating Click Trick

Easy traffic generating

Quick and Easy Traffic Generating Strategy

There are many ways of easy traffic generating if you
are willing to put forth a little effort on your part.

Easy traffic generating can include simple things like
optimizing your web pages for the search engines with
simple SEO strategies.

Using Email Marketing by placing solo ads.
Banner ad placements on major networking sites.
Posting useful comments in niche marketing forums.

You can also purchase paid traffic from google, buy
sponsorship ads, use press releases, article promotion,
place online classified ads or by utilizing joint ventures, etc…

Some of these methods can be very effective and produce
almost instant results for easy traffic generating, however
if you are on a tight budget the following easy traffic
generating method will allow you to simply “borrow”
traffic from your top search ranking competitors.

Easy Traffic Generating Click Trick…

Note that this strategy will work for any niche market
or affiliate website you are looking to promote.

Before you get started I highly recommend that you send
the traffic to your squeeze page or opt-in site so you can
build your list of subscribers.

First you want to start by searching on bing or google for
your very best keywords related to your free offer.

(Example) If you’re giving away a free pdf report on
“how to craft a great sales letter” use that as your main
search term.

Next you want to find a list of related blogs and forums
in the first 10 to 15 listings that will allow you to leave
your own comments on.

Keep track of these sites in a separate note pad file
to refer back to when needed.

Make sure to read the post or thread and then simply
leave a compliment or useful comment. Be sure to
avoid posting any spam type comments.

(Example) Great Post! Save $50 today! Visit my
website at mydomain.com and buy my New Software!

A good idea is to put your link under your comment.
It can be in the “url” section if you want but it will stand
out a little better if it’s just under your comment.

Simply repeat this method for all the keywords relating
to your free sign up offer…

Can you see how easy that was?

You’re simply borrowing your competitors page
one rankings for all of your perfect keywords.

Please note that you’re not going to get all
the traffic, but you are going to get some easy
traffic and it will be highly targeted.

Plus it’s completely free and will last
for a long time as well.

Try this easy traffic generating method out.
It really does work, and it will not take long
for you to see the results of your efforts…

Want more easy traffic methods for your
squeeze page or blog?

I’ve got this complete Easy Traffic Video training series..

You can check out those videos here:

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